Summary of Emmy Noether Project "Descartes"


An article in IEEE Computer Magazine summarizes the results of our DFG Emmy Noether Project "Descartes". A major output of this project was the development of the Descartes Modeling Language (DML), which provides a foundation for self-aware quality-of-service and resource management in modern IT systems and infrastructures.


Results of a five-year research project and several industrial collaborations have produced tools that model the individual effects and complex dynamic interactions between an IT system’s application workload and resource contention at multiple levels in the execution environment. An evaluation shows significant resource efficiency gains without sacrificing the performance specified in service-level agreements.


Samuel Kounev, Nikolaus Huber, Fabian Brosig, and Xiaoyun Zhu. A Model-Based Approach to Designing Self-Aware IT Systems and Infrastructures. IEEE Computer, 49(7):53–61, July 2016, IEEE. [ pdfDOIhttp  ]