Research Agenda

Our research is divided into three main areas. Click on the areas and keywords to see the list of our publications related to the given topic. If you are interested in the tools we develop in the context of our research please visit

Research Areas Software Systems Design and Modeling Benchmarking and Experimental Analysis Autonomic and Self-Aware Computing Design of softwareand systems Formal architecturemodeling Analytical andsimulation-basedanalysis Automatedmodel learning Metrics andbenchmarkingmethodologies Instrumentation,profiling & workloadcharacterization Statistical estimation& machine learning Online monitoring &forecasting Resourcemanagement Applicationquality-of-servicemanagement Power/energyefficient computing Multi-criteriaoptimization Security Performance Energy-Efficiency Reliability

Application Domains

We are currently focusing on the following application domains:
image/svg+xml Data Centers: Cloud Computing, Systems and Network Virtualization Cyber-Physical Systems / Internet of Things (IoT) Industrial Internet (Industrie 4.0) Benchmark Standardization

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Research Areas