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Awards for Martin Sträßer, Lukas Beierlieb and Dennis Kaiser for outstanding Master graduations


As part of the Graduiertenfeier 2021, three of our team members received awards for their outstanding Master graduations.

Prof. Samuel Kounev speaking at the Graduiertenfeier 2021

Due to the Corona virus, this years Graduiertenfeier took place virtually only. Nevertheless, three of our team members have been awarded for their excellent Master graduations: Martin Straesser, Lukas Beierlieb and Dennis Kaiser. All of them are now research assistants in the Software Engineering Group headed by Prof. Samuel Kounev and are working on their PhD projects.

Moreover, Martin Straesser has been awarded with the ASQF Förderpreis, this year supported by Ziehm Imaging GmbH, endowed with 500 euros for his outstanding Master thesis "Predicting Performance Degradations of Microservice Applications". The ASQF Förderpreis has been awarded to students from different German universities since 2006. It honors excellent computer science students, who work in the area of software quality with a practical orientation. Martin Straesser is already the second team member receiving this price, following the award of Simon Eismann in 2018. A press release has been published by the university with more information about the content of the work.

Congratulations to Martin, Lukas and Dennis for their excellent works! 

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