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Chair of Computer Science II - Software Engineering

SE Group at ICPE 2022


Various members of the Software Engineering Group contributed to this years ACM/SPEC Internation Conference on Performance Engineering.

The ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE) is an established international forum on performance engineering and benchmarking of computer systems. Due to the pandemic, the 2022 edition took place virtually again. Nevertheless, various members of the Software Engineering group contributed to and co-organized this years conference program. Here is a overview of our publications:


  • Martin Straesser, Johannes Grohmann, Jóakim von Kistowski, Simon Eismann, André Bauer and Samuel Kounev. Why Is It Not Solved Yet? Challenges for Production-Ready Autoscaling. (Full Industry Paper)
  • Mark Leznik, Johannes Grohmann, Nina Kliche, André Bauer, Daniel Seybold, Simon Eismann, Samuel Kounev and Jörg Domaschka. Same, Same, but Dissimilar: Exploring Measurements for Workload Time-series Similarity. (Short Research Paper)
  • André Bauer, Martin Straesser, Lukas Beierlieb, Maximilian Meißner and Samuel Kounev. Automated Triage of Performance Change Points Using Time Series Analysis and Machine Learning. (Data Challenge Paper)
  • Md Shahriar Iqbal, Mark Leznik, Igor Trubin, Arne Lochner, Pooyan Jamshidi and André Bauer. Change Point Detection for MongoDB Time Series Performance Regression. (Data Challenge Paper)
  • Marius Hadry, Veronika Lesch and Samuel Kounev. FADE: Towards Flexible and Adaptive Distance Estimation Considering Obstacles. (Vision Paper)
  • André Bauer, Mark Leznik, Md Shahriar Iqbal, Daniel Seybold, Igor Trubin, Benjamin Erb, Jörg Domaschka and Pooyan Jamshidi. SPEC Research — Introducing the Predictive Data Analytics Working Group. (Poster)
  • Maximilian Meissner, Supriya Kamthania, Nishant Rawtani, James Bucek, Klaus-Dieter Lange and Samuel Kounev. Experience and Guidelines for Sorting Algorithm Choices and their Energy Efficiency. (PECS Workshop Paper)


Maximilian Meissner, Klaus-Dieter Lange, Jeremy Arnold, Sanjay Sharma, Roger Tipley, Nishant Rawtani, David Reiner, Mike Petrich, Aaron Cragin. SPEC Server Efficiency Benchmark Development - How to Contribute to the Future of Energy Conservation.


Besides the scientific contributions, some members of the Software Engineering Group supported the organization of this event and the co-located workshops:

  • Samuel Kounev (Steering Commitee Co-Chair)
  • Nikolas Herbst (Program Commitee Co-Chair)
  • Simon Eismann (Artifact Evaluation Co-Chair, Workshop Chair HotCloudPerf)
  • Norbert Schmitt (Program Commitee Co-Chair Industry and Experience Track)
  • Martin Straesser (Publicity Chair, Program Commitee Member Industry and Experience Track)
  • Thomas Prantl (Web Chair)

Last but not least, two members of our group received awards. Our paper "Why Is It Not Solved Yet? Challenges for Production-Ready Autoscaling" became the runner-up for Best Industry Paper Award. Moreover, Andre Bauer received his SPEC Kaivalya Dixit Distinguished Dissertation Award (more information).

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