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    Chair of Computer Science II - Software Engineering


    Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis / Master Practicum

    Blockchains and Smart Contracts

    (Master Thesis) Smart Contract Security Policy Engineering (in collaboration with Quantstamp)

    (Master Thesis) Countermeasures against malicious data inclusion attacks in Bitcoin

    (Master Thesis) Lightweight blockchain mechanisms for application in IoT scenarios

    (Master Thesis) Vulnerability patching in smart contracts

    (Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis/ Master Practicum) Blockchain-based insurance system for cryptocurrency transactions

    (Bachelor Thesis / Master Practicum) Life cycle management and code updates in smart contracts

    (Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis) Sharding Ethereum client to mitigate DoS attacks



    Mobile Security and Privacy

    (Bachelor Thesis / Master Practicum) Data collector app for Machine Learning

    (Bachelor Thesis / Master Practicum) UI hijacking attacks on Android



    Other topics

    (Bachelor Thesis / Master Practicum) Gamification of Ethical Hacking Lab

    (Master Thesis) Attacks on speech recognition systems and countermeasures

    (Master Thesis) Blockchain-based proxy certificates for TLS



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    Please note that some topics advertised as a master thesis may also be suitable for a bachelor thesis with some modifications. You may also propose topics of your own choosing.