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    Jóakim von Kistowski receives SPEC Benchmark Release Award


    A SPEC Benchmark Release Award was presented to Jóakim von Kistowski by the President of SPEC at the SPEC-sponsored International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE) 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

    Jóakim von Kistowski was awarded with a SPEC Benchmark Release Award for his contributions to the SPEC Chauffeur WDK 2.0. The SPEC Chauffeur WDK is a workload development framework for energy-efficiency benchmarking and testing. Jóakim von Kistowski is currently serving as the Chaur of the SPEC RG Power Working Group and an active contributor to the SPEC Power OSG Subcommittee. The award was originally issued in January, but was presented to Jóakim in person by SPEC's presitent David Rainer (AMD) on April 12, 2018.

    About SPEC

    The Standard Performance Evaluation Coorporation (SPEC) is the largest computer systems benchmarking and performance standardization organization (http://www.spec.org).

    About SPEC RG

    The Research Group (RG) of SPEC serves as a platform for collaborative research efforts in the area of quantitative system evaluation and analysis, fostering the interaction between industry and academia in the field (http://research.spec.org).