Chair of Software Engineering

The Chair of Software Engineering is headed by Prof. Dr. Samuel Kounev. Our research is aimed at developing novel methods, techniques and tools for the engineering of dependable and efficient software systems. Our major focus areas include: software design, modeling and architecture-based analysis; systems benchmarking, monitoring and experimental analysis; and autonomic and self-aware systems management. Our research is inspired by the vision of Self-Aware Computing Systems, designed with integrated online prediction and proactive self-adaptation capabilities, used to enforce quality-of-service requirements in a cost- and energy-efficient manner.


22.07.16 – IEEE ICAC held in Würzburg with 130 participants

The 13th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing took place in Würzburg from July 18th to July 22nd, 2016 and has been organized by the Chair of Software Engineering (Informatik II) with Prof. Samuel Kounev serving as General Chair.

30.06.16 – einBLICK: Die Suche nach der Antwortmaschine

Das Online-Magazin der Universität Würzburg berichtet über ein aktuelles Forschungsvorhaben des Lehrstuhl II: Wie können Unternehmen ihre Computersysteme so effizient wie möglich nutzen? Ein Team um Diplom-Informatiker Jürgen Walter und Professor Samuel Kounev will in dieser Frage eine Revolution in Gang setzen.

27.04.16 – Report in TV News

A report about our research on data center energy efficiency was featured on German TV news.

25.04.16 – Aleksandar Milenkoski receives SPECtacular Award

A SPECtacular Award was presented to Aleksandar Milenkoski by the President of SPEC at the SPEC Annual Meeting 2016 in Freemont, California, USA.

29.12.15 – Artikel in einBLICK über unsere Kooperation mit ABB

Unternehmen könnten Geld und Zeit sparen, wenn sich die Leistungsfähigkeit ihrer Software-Systeme in einem automatisierten Prozess abbilden ließe. An diesem Ziel arbeiten Informatiker unseres Lehrstuhls in Kooperation mit Forschern der ABB AG.

19.08.15 – Google Research Award

The Chair of Software Engineering (Prof. Dr. Samuel Kounev) is starting a new collaboration with Google as part of a Google Research Award on the topic of "On-the-fly resource demand estimation during system operation".