Chair of Software Engineering

The Chair of Software Engineering is headed by Prof. Dr. Samuel Kounev. Our research is aimed at developing novel methods, techniques and tools for the engineering of dependable and efficient software systems. Our major focus areas include: software design, modeling and architecture-based analysis; systems benchmarking, monitoring and experimental analysis; and autonomic and self-aware systems management. Our research is inspired by the vision of Self-Aware Computing Systems, designed with integrated online prediction and proactive self-adaptation capabilities, used to enforce quality-of-service requirements in a cost- and energy-efficient manner.


28.11.16 – New PhD: Dr. Aleksandar Milenkoski

Aleksandar Milenkoski received his PhD. Congratulations!

24.11.16 – Winter Day Software Engineering

Liebe Studierende, der Lehrstuhl II – Software Engineering (SE) möchte sich vorstellen. Wir laden herzlich zu den SE Winter Day ein!

24.09.16 – A Milestone for DML

A new journal paper "Model-Based Self-Aware Performance and Resource Management Using the Descartes Modeling Language" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE). The Descartes Modeling Language (DML) is a major product of our group used in a number of projects.

14.09.16 – W2-Professur für Sichere Softwaresysteme

Am Lehrstuhl für Software Engineering des Instituts für Informatik ist ab dem 01.04.2017 eine Universitätsprofessur (BesGr. W2) für Sichere Softwaresysteme im Beamtenverhältnis auf Lebenszeit zu besetzen. Bewerbungsfrist: 30.10.2016

24.08.16 – Summary of Emmy Noether Project "Descartes"

An article in IEEE Computer Magazine summarizes the results of our DFG Emmy Noether Project "Descartes". A major output of this project was the development of the Descartes Modeling Language (DML), which provides a foundation for self-aware quality-of-service and resource management in modern IT systems and infrastructures.

22.07.16 – IEEE ICAC held in Würzburg with 130 participants

The 13th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing took place in Würzburg from July 18th to July 22nd, 2016 and has been organized by the Chair of Software Engineering (Informatik II) with Prof. Samuel Kounev serving as General Chair.