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Chair of Computer Science II - Software Engineering

DCPerf 2018


The 8th International Workshop on Big Data in Cloud Performance, Honolulu, HI, USA, 15-19 April 2018

Cloud Data centers are the backbone infrastructure for tomorrow's information technology. Their advantages are efficient resource provisioning and low operational costs for supporting a wide range of computing needs, be they in business, scientific or mobile/pervasive environments. Owing to the rapid growth of user-defined and user-generated programs, applications and files, the range of services provided by data centers will expand tremendously and unpredictably. Particularly, Big Data applications and services present a unique class of challenges in Clouds. The high volume of mixed workloads and the diversity of services offered render the performance optimization of data centers ever more challenging. Moreover, important optimization criteria, such as scalability, reliability, manageability, power efficiency, area density, operating cost and many more, are often even mutually exclusive to some extent. On top of that, the increasing mobility of users across geographically distributed areas adds another dimension to optimizing Big Data and Cloud performance.

The goal of this workshop is to promote a community-wide discussion to find and identify suitable strategies to enable effective and scalable performance optimizations. We are looking for papers that present new techniques, introduce new theory and methodologies, propose new research directions, or discuss strategies for resolving open performance problems on Big Data in Clouds.