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Article accepted for publication in IEEE Software


The article "Serverless Applications: Why, When, and How?" co-authored by Simon Eismann, Johannes Grohmann, Nikolas Herbst, Prof. Dr. Samuel Kounev, and researchers from VU Amsterdam, ESPOL, University of Gothenburg and DLR has been accepted for publication in IEEE Software.

The article results from an ongoing activity within the SPEC RG Cloud on the characterization of serverless application. IEEE Software’s mission is to be the best source of reliable, useful, peer-reviewed information for leading software practitioners—the developers and managers who want to keep up with rapid technology change. IEEE Software has had an impact factor of 2.945 in 2018.

Serverless Applications:Why, When, and How? Eismann, Simon; Joel, Scheuner; van Eyk, Erwin; Schwinger, Maximilian; Grohmann, Johannes; Herbst, Nikolas; Abad, Cristina; Iosup, Alexandru; in IEEE Software (2020). [ DOI | http  ]  

Serverless computing shows good promise for efficiency and ease-of-use. Yet, there are only a few, scattered and sometimes conflicting reports on questions such as Why do so many companies adopt serverless?, When are serverless applications well suited?, and How are serverless applications currently implemented? To address these questions, we analyze 89 serverless applications from open-source projects, industrial sources, academic literature, and scientific computing—the most extensive study to date.