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Prof. Dr. Dmitrienko holds a talk at the IT Mainfranken Forum this next Monday


This Monday, the 18th of October 2021, Prof. Dr. Dmitrienko will hold a talk about practical and theoretical IT security aspects regarding contact tracing in the COVID-19 pandemic at the IT Mainfranken Forum.

This year’s program will take place as a hybrid event, meaning in person as well as online, starting at 12:30 PM next Monday, the 18th of October 2021.  

Prof. Dr. Dmitrienko will focus her talk on the positive and negative aspects of contract tracing in the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact tracing apps have been deployed in many countries, each with their own solutions ranging from centralized systems deployed in Asian countries, to decentralized systems implemented in Europe. In this talk, Prof. Dr. Dmitrienko will clarify the various designs that are currently implemented around the world and will discuss their security and privacy implications for their respective mobile users.

Registrations can be made in advance here.

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We are hoping to see you there!