Secure Software Systems Group

eSano – An eHealth Platform for Internet- and Mobile-based Interventions

The prevention and treatment of mental disorders and chronic somatic diseases is a core challenge for health care systems of the 21st century.  Mental- and behavioral health interventions provide the means for lowering the public health burden. However, structural deficits, reluctance to use existing services, perceived stigma and further personal and environmental reasons restrict the uptake of these evidence-based approaches.

Internet- and mobile-based interventions (IMIs) can help improve health care by offering location- and time-independent services. The eSano project and research team investigates the efficacy and cost-effectiveness, acceptance, and uptake as well as underlying effective factors of e-behavioral and e-mental-health interventions. The focus is on therapist-guided and unguided self-help interventions, the combination of routine care with online services ("blended-care/-therapy"), and the development and exploration of new artificially intelligent e-health approaches.

In such E-health solutions, trust and the therapeutic alliance are critical to the provider-patient relationship and quality healthcare services. Safeguarding confidentiality in Electronic Health Records (EHRs), against  breaches that threaten patient privacy, is more important than ever. The Secure Software  Systems group contributes to the efforts to ensure both, adequate transparency and  patient confidentiality, by assessing the security of the main platforms of eSano project.


You can find more information about this project and publications on this website.


People involved: Prof. A. DmitrienkoAla Ben Yahya, Peter Ten