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Chair of Computer Science II - Software Engineering

VMware Academic Research Award (VMware) (09/2012-08/2015)


A new long-term cooperation of VMware, Inc. with the Descartes Research Group launched as part of a new VMware Academic Research Award.

People involved: Samuel Kounev, Simon Spinner

Project start: September 2012

Project end: August 2015

A major goal of the cooperation is to investigate the practical applicability and benefits of adopting the Descartes Meta-Model (DMM) as a basis for performance management in the context of real-life applications running on VMware-based virtualized infrastructures. VMware is the leading provider of server virtualization software providing the basis for modern Cloud Computing infrastructures.

This initiative is part of our continued strategy of working in close cooperation with leading industrial partners to transfer innovative research results to industry. It is through such cooperations that we manage to bridge the gaps between theory and practice addressing the challenges for wide adoption of emerging innovative ideas and technologies.