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    Secure Software Systems Group

    Mobile Security and Privacy

    Privacy – Mobile Contact Discovery

    Contact discovery allows users of mobile messengers to conveniently connect with people in their address book.  In this work, we demonstrate that severe privacy issues exist in currently deployed contact discovery methods.  ❯ More

    TraceCORONA - Anonymous contact tracing for pandemic response

    TraceCORONA is designed to be not only a tracing app, but a system concept that allows the TraceCORONA tracing component as well as other possible tracing apps to integrate into a secure health platform for private healthcare-related services over a well-defined secure interface.  ❯ More

    (Federated) Machine Learning for Risk Detection on Mobile Platforms

    The importance of security and protection of private information on mobile devices has increased in recent years due to the widespread use of these devices. This lead to the intensive use of mobile platforms for security-critical tasks, such as online banking, mobile payments, healthcare applications or business-related activities. On another hand, mobile platforms became attractive attack targets, since they store and process a significant amount of security-critical information, such as authentication credentials, payment information, and access tokens.  ❯ More