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Journal and Magazine Articles

  • Thinking in Categories: A Survey on Assessing the Quality for Time Series Synthesis. Stenger, Michael; Bauer, Andr\’{e}; Prantl, Thomas; Leppich, Robert; Hudson, Nathaniel; Chard, Kyle; Foster, Ian; Kounev, Samuel; in J. Data and Information Quality (2024). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA.
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  • Evaluation is key: a survey on evaluation measures for synthetic time series. Stenger, Michael; Leppich, Robert; Foster, Ian; Kounev, Samuel; Bauer, Andr{\’e}; in Journal of Big Data (2024). 11 66.
  • Comprehensive Exploration of Synthetic Data Generation: A Survey. Bauer, André; and Trapp, Simon; and Stenger, Michael; and Leppich, Robert; and Kounev, Samuel; and Leznik, Mark; and Chard, Kyle; and Foster, Ian; in arXiv preprint (2024). 103.
  • Deep Neural Network Regression for Normalized Digital Surface Model Generation with Sentinel-2 Imagery. Müller, Konstantin; Leppich, Robert; Geiß, Christian; Borst, Vanessa; Pelizari, Patrick Aravena; Kounev, Samuel; in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (2023). 1–14.
  • Telescope: An Automated H...
    Telescope: An Automated Hybrid Forecasting Approach on a Level-Playing Field. Bauer, André; Leznik, Mark; Stenger, Michael; Leppich, Robert; Herbst, Nikolas; Kounev, Samuel; Foster, Ian; (2023).
  • Retrospective Analysis of...
    Retrospective Analysis of Training Intensity Distribution Based on Race Pace Versus Physiological Benchmarks in Highly Trained Sprint Kayakers. Matzka, Manuel; Leppich, Robert; Sperlich, Billy; Zinner, Christoph; in Sports Medicine-Open (2022). 8(1) 1–12. SpringerOpen.
  • Accuracy and Systematic Biases of Heart Rate Measurements by Consumer-Grade Fitness Trackers in Postoperative Patients: Prospective Clinical Trial. Helmer, Philipp; Hottenrott, Sebastian; Rodemers, Philipp; Leppich, Robert; Helwich, Maja; Pryss, R{\"u}diger; Kranke, Peter; Meybohm, Patrick; Winkler, Bernd E; Sammeth, Michael; in Journal of Medical Internet Research (2022). 24(12) e42359. JMIR Publications Toronto, Canada.
  • The Relationship Between the Distribution of Training Intensity and Performance of Kayak and Canoe Sprinters: A Retrospective Observational Analysis of One Season of Competition. Matzka, Manuel; Leppich, Robert; Holmberg, Hans-Christer; Sperlich, Billy; Zinner, Christoph; in Frontiers in Sports and Active Living (2022). 3 788108. Frontiers Media SA.
  • Establishing a cardiac training group for patients with heart failure: the “HIP-in-W{\"u}rzburg” study. G{\"u}der, G{\"u}lmisal; Wilkesmann, Joana; Scholz, Nina; Leppich, Robert; D{\"u}king, Peter; Sperlich, Billy; Rost, Christian; Frantz, Stefan; Morbach, Caroline; Sahiti, Floran; others; in Clinical Research in Cardiology (2021). 1–10. Springer.
  • The integration of training and off-training activities substantially alters training volume and load analysis in elite rowers. Treff, Gunnar; Leppich, Robert; Winkert, Kay; Steinacker, J{\"u}rgen M; Mayer, Benjamin; Sperlich, Billy; in Scientific reports (2021). 11(1) 1–10. Nature Publishing Group.
  • Intra-individual physiological response of recreational runners to different training mesocycles: a randomized cross-over study. D{\"u}king, Peter; Holmberg, Hans-Christer; Kunz, Philipp; Leppich, Robert; Sperlich, Billy; in European Journal of Applied Physiology (2020). 1–9. Springer.
  • The impact of the German strategy for containment of Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 on the training characteristics, physical activity, sleep of highly trained kayakers and canoeists: A retrospective observational study. Zinner, Christoph; Matzka, Manuel; Leppich, Robert; Kounev, Samuel; Holmberg, HC; Sperlich, Billy; in Frontiers in Sports and Active Living (2020). 2 127. Frontiers.
  • A 4-Week intervention inv...
    A 4-Week intervention involving mobile-based daily 6-minute micro-sessions of functional high-intensity circuit training improves strength and quality of life, but not cardio-respiratory fitness of young untrained adults. Sperlich, Billy; Hahn, Lea-Sofie; Edel, Antonia; Behr, Tino; Helmprobst, Julian; Leppich, Robert; Wallmann-Sperlich, Birgit; Holmberg, Hans-Christer; in Frontiers in physiology (2018). 9 423. Frontiers.


  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine - From Data Collection to Prediction. Züfle, Marwin; Leppich, Robert; (2019, November).