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    Chair of Computer Science II - Software Engineering


    Our research is aimed at the engineering of dependable and efficient software systems with focus on distributed systems, such as cloud-based systems, cyber-physical systems, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. At a high-level, our research spans the following research areas:

    1. Design, modeling and analysis of distributed systems and IT infrastructures.
    2. Benchmarking, modeling and experimental analysis of performance, energy-efficiency, reliability, and security.
    3. Autonomic and self-aware computing based on predictive data analytics, machine learning and AI.

    We are focussing on the following application and technology domains:

    • Cloud computing, virtualization, software-defined data centers.
    • IoT and cyber-physical systems spanning several interdisciplinary application areas: Industry 4.0, transportation/logistics, platooning, health-care, and biology.

    Our research is inspired by the vision of Self-Aware Computing Systems, which are systems designed with built-in model learning and reasoning capabilities enabling autonomic and proactive decision making at run-time. The following pages provide an overview of our long-term vision and research agenda as well as industry cooperations: Vision , Industry Cooperations, Awards and Recognitions, Publications.

    Spread over these research areas, our research covers the following application domains: