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Chair of Computer Science II - Software Engineering

DECLARE: Declarative Performance Engineering (DFG) (10/2016-09/2019)


Project of the German Research Foundation (DFG)

Description: Performance is a software quality attribute that defines the degree to which a system satisfies its requirements with respect to timing behavior and resource utilization. Performance is of relevance to software system design, operation, and evolution because it has a major impact on key business indicators. For instance, deficient performance leads to loss in revenue for companies relying on the availability of their systems and to penalties being due for service providers violating performance requirements.

That is, performance needs to be addressed during the complete software life-cycle. Thus, this project addresses the challenge to select and parameterize existing performance evaluation methods, techniques, and tools by introducing a Declarative Performance Engineering approach. Further, this project tries to reduce the currently huge abstraction gap between the level on which performance-relevant concerns are formulated and the level on which performance evaluations are actually executed.

People involved: Samuel Kounev, Jürgen Walter

Project end: September 2019

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