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Chair of Computer Science II - Software Engineering

EvIDencE: Testen von Systemen zur Angriffserkennung in virtualisierten Umgebungen (DFG) (03/2017-02/2019)


Project of the German Research Foundation (DFG)

Description: Virtualization allows the creation of logical (i.e., “virtual”) instances of physical devices, such as network, storage, and processing units.  In a virtualized system, governed by a virtual machine monitor (VMM), resources are shared among virtual machines (VMs). Each VM accesses the physical resources of the infrastructure through the VMM and is entitled to a predefined fraction of capacity.

While virtualization provides many benefits (e.g., reducing costs through server consolidation), it also introduces security threats. A common defensive instrument against security threats are intrusion detection systems (IDSes). However, methods and techniques for the rigorous testing of IDSes  are  needed. Hence, this project focuses on IDS testing requirements in the context of virtualized environments, considering the following requirements with respect to the standard components – workloads, and metrics and measurement methodologies.

People involved: Samuel Kounev, Lukas Iffländer

Project end: February 2019