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Chair of Computer Science II - Software Engineering


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  • People Detection with Depth Silhouettes and Convolutional Neural Networks on a Mobile Robot F. Spiess; L. Reinhart; N. Strobel; D. Kaiser; S. Kounev; T. Kaupp; in Journal of Image and Graphics, (J. of Image; Graphics, Hrsg.) (2021). 9(4) 135–139.
  • {Towards Self-Aware Multi...
    {Towards Self-Aware Multirotor Formations} D. Kaiser; V. Lesch; J. Rothe; M. Strohmeier; F. Spiess; C. Krupitzer; S. Montenegro; S. Kounev; in Computers (2020). 9(7)
    Special Issue on Self-Aware Computing
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  • {Towards Splitting Monolithic Workflows into Serverless Functions and Estimating Their Run-Time in the Earth Observation Domain} D. Kaiser; B. Dovhan; A. Bauer; S. Kounev; in Proceedings of the 12th Symposium on Software Performance (SSP) (2021).
    Extended Abstract
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  • {Towards Self-Aware Multi...
    {Towards Self-Aware Multirotor Formations} D. Kaiser; Thesis; University of W{\"u}rzburg; Am Hubland, Informatikgeb{\"a}ude, 97074 W{\"u}rzburg, Germany. (2019, September).
    W{\"u}rzburg Software Engineering Award sponsored by infosim