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ESORICS 2023 conference in The Hague


The member of Secure Software Systems group presents group’s resent research work at ESORICS conference in The Hague.

The member of Secure Software Systems group, Torsten Krauß,​​​​​​​ presents the group‘s recent research work at  European Symposium on Research in Computer Security in The Hague.  The work is devoted to the security of DeepSpeed, the framework used to train Large Language Models (LLMs) that also power infamous ChatGPT. The paper "Security of NVMe Offloaded Data in Large-Scale Machine Learning" was presented on 26.09.23 and shows that DeepSpeed‘s core feature, the offload of data from the GPU to cheap NVMe storage is vulnerable to stealthy untargeted attacks causing model performance reduction or an increase in training time. The paper also proposes a respective defense that tackles this problem and helps to secure large-scale machine learning. The paper is available at group’s list of publications or via ESORICS 2023.