Chair of Computer Science II - Software Engineering


    Regular Courses

    The Secure Software Systems Group offers the following courses.


    Security of Software Systems 

    A masters level course about fundamental security concepts. The lecture aims to provide an overview of current attacks on modern computer systems, networks and software, as well as the measures implemented to protect against these attacks. The dicussed topics include: runtime attacks, web and network security, hardware and side-channel vulnerabilities as well as reverse-engineering concepts and malware. 

    Level Master
    Semester Summer
    Credits 5 ECTS
    Language English, exam answers in German possible
    Classes 2 h lecture + 2 h exercises per week

    Sichere Softwaresysteme (10-I=SSS-1V)

    Ausgewählte Kapitel des Software Engineering (10-I=AKSE)

    Ausgewählte Kapitel aus der Informatik (10-I=AKI)

    Administration WueCampus



    Introduction to IT-Security

    A bachelor level course providing a sweep through many relevant concepts and technologies related to IT-security. The topics of this course range from cryptographic primitives and protocol security to software vulnerabilities and platform security.

    Level Bachelor
    Semester Winter
    Credits 5 ECTS
    Language English, exam answers in German possible
    Classes 2 h lecture + 2 h exercises per week
    Modules Grundlagen der Informatik (10-I-GI-1V)
    Administration WueCampus



    Seminars and Practica

    Seminar IT-Security

    A seminar about current topics related to IT-security. We select new topics every semester, with a focus on current research. The seminar consists of a report about the topic, a review of other seminar reports, as well a final presentation of the topic. The topics for each semester are announced on WueCampus approx. two weeks before the start of each semester. The registration is performed by email.

    Level Bachelor and Master
    Semester Summer and Winter
    Credits 5 ECTS
    Language German, English presentation and report possible
    Classes 2 h seminar per week
    Modules I-SEMx-1S
    Administration WueCampus


    Practicum Ethical Hacking Lab

    A practical course about network security, popular attacks and defenses, as well as hands-on experience exploiting and defending against vulnerabilities. The lab is interleaved with Cisco Netacad, so it is possible to get a Cisco Netacad Cybersecurity Operations certificate through a seperate exam.

    Level Master
    Semester Summer (during semester break)
    Credits 10 ECTS
    Language English
    Modules Praktikum – Aktuelle Themen der Informatik (10-I=PRAK)
    Administration WueCampus


    Master Practicum "Sichere Softwaresysteme"

    Our currently open topics can be found here. You can also contact us  to discuss topics.

    Bachelor/Master Thesis

    Our currently open thesis topics can be found here. If you would like to suggest a topic, contact us.