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Update: This tool is no longer maintained and supported.

WCF Workload Classification & Forecasting Tool

The Workload Classification & Forecasting (WCF) tool provides continuous forecast results that are supposed to be interpreted by resource management components to enable proactive resource provisioning. A WCF user can flexibly define his objectives to the forecast results and their processing like time horizon, confidence level and processing overhead limitations. He is not supposed to select a certain forecasting method. A key feature of the WCF tool is that it is internally using a spectrum of forecasting methods based on time series analysis like ARIMA, Extended Exponential Smoothing (ETS), tBATS, etc. The method with the most accurate results for a given situation is selected dynamically during runtime by using a decision tree und feedback mechanisms.

Source Code is available at GitHub.

If you have any questions, please contact Nikolas Herbst

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