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    BUNGEE Cloud Elasticity Benchmark

    BUNGEE is a Java based framework for benchmarking elasticity of IaaS cloud platforms. The tool automates the following benchmarking activities:

    1. A system analysis evaluates the load processing capabilities of the benchmarked platform at different scaling stages.
    2. The benchmark calibration uses the system analysis results and adjusts a given load intensity profile in a system specific manner.
    3. The measurement activity exposes the platform to a varying load according to the adjusted intensity profile.
    4. The elasticity evaluation measures the quality of the observed elastic behavior using a set of elasticity metrics.


    At the moment, BUNGEE supports to analyse the elasticity of CloudStack and Amazon Web Service (AWS) based clouds that scale CPU-bound virtual machines horizontally.


    For more information, please contact Nikolas Herbst

    The BUNGEE presentation at SEAMS2015 is available here.

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