Chair of Computer Science II - Software Engineering


Journal and Magazine Articles

  • Evaluation is key: a survey on evaluation measures for synthetic time series. Stenger, Michael; Leppich, Robert; Foster, Ian; Kounev, Samuel; Bauer, André; in Journal of Big Data (2024). 11 66.
  • Comprehensive Exploration of Synthetic Data Generation: A Survey. Bauer, André; and Trapp, Simon; and Stenger, Michael; and Leppich, Robert; and Kounev, Samuel; and Leznik, Mark; and Chard, Kyle; and Foster, Ian; in arXiv preprint (2024). 103.
  • Telescope: An Automated Hybrid Forecasting Approach on a Level-Playing Field. Bauer, André; Leznik, Mark; Stenger, Michael; Leppich, Robert; Herbst, Nikolas; Kounev, Samuel; Foster, Ian; (2023).

Master Thesis

  • In-depth Analysis of Evaluation Strategies for Time Series Synthesizers. Stenger, Michael; (2023, April). University of Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg.