Secure Software Systems Group

IoT Security

Current Projects

IoTGuard: IoT Security in Smart Homes, Production, and Sensitive Infrastructure

The IoTGuard project, in collaboration with partners TU Darmstadt, Intel, Kobil, and IoT-Venture, develops AI-driven security for smart homes. Despite IoT excitement, challenges in device diversity and adversarial attacks persist. IoTGuard focuses on addressing these issues, emphasizing smart home security, distributed learning, and context-based attack detection. Insights are expected to apply in critical environments beyond smart homes. ❯ More

SPOQ Project: Ending Plagiarism in Global Supply Chains

The German economy suffers more than 50 billion euros in damage from product and brand piracy each year. The EU market surveillance authorities classified 97 percent of the counterfeits recorded as goods with serious risks. Production and logistics companies are powerless against plagiarism: Globally, there is no cross-industry, cross-border approach to product identity verification ❯ More

CROSSCON: Cross-platform Open Security Stack for Connected Devices

The main challenge for IoT developers is the lack of a unified security solution that can work across a variety of different devices. To bridge this gap, the CROSSCON project pools the expertise of 11 research teams throughout Europe to develop a new open and vendor-independent security stack for connected devices. The CROSSCON security stack provides a consistent security baseline across a whole IoT system. ❯ More

Past Projects

SIMPL: Secure Internet of Things Management Platform

The proliferation of IoT devices is increasing at a fast pace,whether for private or business use. However, despite their growing popularity, their safe operation is often not guaranteed. To tackle the security challenges of modern IoT environments, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the SIMPL project in order to support research in this area.  ❯ More