Chair of Computer Science II - Software Engineering


Development Builds

Caution: Development buils are unstable software and may not work as expected.

Installation within PalladioBench 4.0

  1. Open Palladio Bench
  2. Choose in the menue: Help ==> Install new Software
  3. Enter update site (Work with)
  4. Click Select All button, click next, click next, aggree to license, click finish
  5. Wait for installation (aggree to install unsigned content)
  6. Aggree to restart eclipse
  7. you made it ;-)

Usage within PalladioBench 4.0

  1. Choose in the menue: File ==> Import ==> PMX
  2. Follow the PMX dialog instructions and select input and output directory (Usage hint: you may choose to automatically create a project in the current workspace for output directory)

Standalone archive

Go to and download latest *.*.*-SNAPSHOT/tools.descartes.pmx.releng.standalone-*.*.* Then read instruction file on how to run standalone archive.