Secure Software Systems Group


Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis / Master Practicum

Software Security

(Practicum) Dataset collection for the project on automated annotation of security-sensitive code parts


Security of Systems and Protocols

(Master Thesis) Denial of Service attack detection in The Onion Routing (TOR)

(Bachelor Thesis) Diversity Analysis of Smart Contract Libraries

(Practicum) Collecting WiFi Traces for the project on context fingerprinting of IoT devices


Application of Machine Learning for Improving Security

(Master Thesis) Detection of Hardware Vulnerabilities using ML

(Bachelor Thesis / Practicum) Congestion in LEO Satellites - ML-based Detection of DDoS Attacks on Intersatellite Links


Improving the Security of Machine Learning

(Bachelor Thesis / Practicum) Backdoor Detection in Federated Learning on the Basis of Siamese Networks

(Bachelor Thesis / Practicum) Proof of Work by Cloud Provider during MLaaS

(Practicum) Untargeted poisoning attacks through direct model weight manipulation

(Master Thesis / Bachelor Thesis) Targeted Backdoor attack on FL training SNNs

(Practicum) Analysis of FL Backdoor Defenses Against Dynamic Triggers

(Practicum) Dataset-Dependent Invisible Trigger Generation for Backdoor Training via Auto-Encoder

(Master Thesis / Bachelor Thesis) Defense against Targeted Data Poisoning Attacks against SNN

(Bachelor Thesis / Practicum) Clean-Label Backdoor Attacks on SNN

(Master Thesis / Bachelor Thesis) Adaption of a DNN inference and/or reconstruction attack to SNNs

(Master Thesis / Bachelor Thesis / Practicum) Targeted poisoning on SNN outside the image classification domain




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Please note that some topics advertised as a master thesis may also be suitable for a bachelor thesis with some modifications. You may also propose topics of your own choosing.

Past Theses written by our Students

2023[ to top ]
  • Adversarial Training in Federated Learning using Constrained Optimization Methods. König, Jan; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2023, May).
2021[ to top ]
  • Security and Privacy Aspects of Digital Contact Tracing. Roos, Filipp; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2021, October).
  • Security Analysis of UniNow App. Zimmermann, Keven; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2021, June).
  • Intrusion Detection Using Machine Learning in Databases. Schindler, Sebastian; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2021, April).
  • Remote Attestation for IoT with Smart Verifier. Petzi, Lukas; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2021, January).
2020[ to top ]
  • Understanding UI attacks on Android. Jasper, Stang; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2020, December).
  • Aggregatable Remote Attestation for IoT. Alistarov, Vasil; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2020, December).
  • Testbed for Security Testing of Smart Contracts. Denk, Lukas; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2020, November).
  • Detection of Software Vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts using Deep Learning. Lutz, Oliver; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2020, October).
  • Evaluating the Privacy of Contact Discovery. Sendner, Christoph; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2020, July).
  • Strategies for the Security Assessment of IoT Devices by Certification Authorities. Finke, Moritz Anton; Thesis; University of Würzburg; University of Würzburg. (2020, May).
2019[ to top ]
  • Implementation and Evaluation of a Group Encryption Scheme. Ten, Peter; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2019, December).
2018[ to top ]
  • Hardening Bitcoin Against Off-Topic Data Inclusion Attacks. Seeg, Andreas; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2018, August).
  • Design of a Shared Parking System with Special Attention to Security Aspects. Englert, Simon; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2018, August).
  • DIMAQS - Dynamic Identification of Malicious Query Sequences. Jobst, Michael; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2018, June).