Secure Software Systems Group


    Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis / Master Practicum

    Software Security

    (Master Thesis) Vulnerability assessment in browser extensions using AI and ML

    (Master Thesis) Explainable AI: Vulnerability assessment of smart contracts using AI and ML

    (Master Thesis) Vulnerability detection in smart contracts using fuzzing


    Blockchains and Smart Contracts

    (Master Thesis) Blockchain reductions for reducing storage requirements of full nodes

    (Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis) Sharding Ethereum client to mitigate DoS attacks

    (Bachelor Thesis / Master Practicum) Constructing labeled dataset of vulnerable smart contracts for ML-based tools 



    (Bachelor Thesis) Privacy of mobile messengers (beyond WhatsApp and Co.)

    (Master Thesis) Analysis of privacy leaks in social platforms (Facebook, Instagram)

    (Master Thesis) Building incentives for Tor relays 


    Network Security 

    (Master Thesis) Vulnerability assessment in SDN setup using fuzzing

    (Master Thesis) Detection of vulnerable firewall configurations using AI and ML


    IoT Security 

    (Bachelor Thesis / Master Practicum) Blockchain-based market place for IoT data

    (Bachelor Thesis / Master Practicum) Secure code update in IoT systems


    Security of Systems and Protocols

    (Master Thesis) Attacks on speech recognition systems (Alexa and Co.) and countermeasures

    (Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis / Master Practicum) Biometric user authentication on mobile platforms



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    Please note that some topics advertised as a master thesis may also be suitable for a bachelor thesis with some modifications. You may also propose topics of your own choosing.

    Past Theses written by our Students


    • Security Analysis of UniNow App. Zimmermann, Keven; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2021, June).


    • Testbed for Security Testing of Smart Contracts. Denk, Lukas; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2020, November).
    • Detection of Software Vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts using Deep Learning. Lutz, Oliver; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2020, October).
    • Evaluating the Privacy of Contact Discovery. Sendner, Christoph; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2020, July).
    • Strategies for the Security Assessment of IoT Devices by Certification Authorities. Finke, Moritz Anton; Thesis; University of Würzburg; Am Hubland, Informatikgebäude, 97074 Würzburg, Germany. (2020, May).


    • Implementation and Evaluation of a Group Encryption Scheme. Ten, Peter; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2019, December).


    • Hardening Bitcoin Against Off-Topic Data Inclusion Attacks. Seeg, Andreas; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2018, August).
    • Design of a Shared Parking System with Special Attention to Security Aspects. Englert, Simon; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2018, August).
    • DIMAQS - Dynamic Identification of Malicious Query Sequences. Jobst, Michael; Thesis; University of Würzburg. (2018, June).