Secure Software Systems Group

    Secure Software Systems Group

    About Us

    Secure Software Systems  is a research group headed by Prof. Dr. Alexandra Dmitrienko. It focuses on a wide range of topics related to the security and privacy of computing platforms and networks, ranging from secure software engineering to security and privacy of mobile, cyber-physical, IoT and decentralized systems. Our research aims to address new security and privacy-related challenges emerging due to ubiquitous digitization, resulting in increasing data collection and fast growing complexity and heterogeneity of systems, as well as technological shifts from centralized to more robust and resilient decentralized solutions.

    Important Links


    Prof. Dr. Dmitrienko holds a talk at the IT Mainfranken Forum this next Monday

    Prof. Dr. Dmitrienko talks about contact discovery in mobile messengers on CryptographyFM’s latest podcast

    Prof. Dr. Dmitrienko's talk on "Vulnerability Detection in Ethereum Smart Contracts using Deep Neural Networks and Transfer Learning"

    Prof. Dr. Dmitrienko will be a panelist at NDSS’s CoronaDef Panel Discussion devoted to digital tracing of COVID-19