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Telescope is a hybrid forecasting tool written in R and designed to perform multi-step-ahead forecasts for univariate time series while maintaining a short runtime. The forecasting method is based on STL time series decomposition. To achieve better forecasting results, Telescope uses clustering techniques for categorical information creation and ARIMA, ANN, and XGBoost as forecasting methods. Telescope users can pass a matrix of timestamps and observation values, set the length of the forecasting horizon, and also set various optional parameters.


  • Telescope is published under GPL v3 here
  • FAS Tutorial on "Best practices for Time Series Forecasting" Slides available here


This package can be installed in R by using the following commands:


For unknown reasons, install_gitub does not work under all Windows versions. Therefore the package can alternatively be installed in R with the following commands:

remotes::install_url(url="", INSTALL_opt= "--no-multiarch")


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